QUEEN ROOM. This is our standard room, with an area of ​​28 m2 equipped with a Queen Size bed ideal for a couple. Maximum capacity of people: 2.

The women of Amatenango are potters, not weavers. The amatenanquero huipil is unique, has a radiant decorative rectangular area that extends towards the outer edge of the fabric and covers the chest and back with a broad band in red that surrounds the neckline followed by a yellow band. They are sewn in chevron stitch. The characteristic huipil of Amatenango may not be Mayan but African. The large number of African slaves that were brought to Chiapas by the Spaniards had a great impact on colonial art and culture. According to an authority on the subject, this beautiful huipil by colors and style, definitely has an African touch.

This huipil can be seen in the foot bed adapted with leather and cushions. The cross of the niche of this room is a contest work of the best potter in the Juana Gómez region, along with the candelabra found in the corridor, as well as the jaguars located in the corridors on the ground floor.

Amatenango del Valle | Tzeltal Community | Festivities: San Francisco de Asís 2 to 4 October.



JUNIOR SUITE. This room is superior category, has an area of 32 m2, is equipped with a King Size bed and has a tapanco where up to two additional people can sleep. It is ideal for families or groups of friends. Maximum of people: 4.

The Aguacatenango road leads to the Grijalva Valley and to the only community of Tzotzil weavers in the tropical lowland. The fabric is exquisite, fine as the lace, with technique and classic Maya design, these designs are works that could have been used by the queens of Bonampak and would now fit perfectly on the boulevards of Paris.

Enjoy these works in the headboard, footboard and cushions of your room, all were made by hand, in the photographs that decorate the room you can see how men also wear these precious clothes.

San Bartolomé de los Llanos (Venustiano Carranza) | Tzotzil Community | Festivities: Saint Bartholomew Apostle from August 22nd to 24th | 3rd party Friday of Lent.



TWIN ROOM. It is equipped with two single beds, has an area of ​​21 m2 and maximum capacity for 2 people.

The decoration of this room is dedicated to Chiapa de Corzo, a historic city located on the banks of the Grande or Grijalva River, where the large lacquers, wood carvers and embroiderers of the traditional costume of Chiapas are found. The headboards of the beds, the dresser and mirror of the room are the work of a great craftswoman in this art; as well as other waxes, crosses, masks and toles. In the niche of the lower part you will find another sample of carved cedar wood, representing a Chiapaneca. You can also find the traditional cross, the tol (vessel) and the trunk. Parachicot masks made with seeds complement the decoration.

Chiapa de Corzo | Festivities: Fiesta Grande de Chiapa in honor of San Sebastián Mártir, January 20. This celebration is the highlight of the festive cycle of Chiapas. In it the parachicos, with masks reminiscent of the Spaniards, and the Chiapanecs dressed in frills, relive the legend of Doña María de Angulo, an illustrious woman who in the colony found in Chiapa the cure for her sick son and in return helped to its inhabitants in times of scarcity. The party of Chiapa is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular in Mexico and the world.


QUEEN ROOM. This is our standard room, with an area of 28 m2 equipped with a Queen Size bed ideal for a couple. Maximum of people: 2.

Chamula, just 11 km from San Cristobal de las Casas, is the coldest community at 2260 meters above sea level. The conquest brought the Spanish sheep, which saved the body of the Chamulas. The wool is warm and protects them. The footboard and cushions are made of wool, the women wear them as a huipil, the Chamula chasuble and the women's skirts are made with black wool, in your room you can appreciate them on the rugs. In the niche there is a small altar, a ceremonial custom, as it appears in the photograph.


Chamula | Tzotzil Community | Festivities: San Juan Bautista from June 22nd to 24th | Carnival party "K'in Tajimoltic" said festival is celebrated 4 days before Ash Wednesday.


QUEEN ROOM. This is our standard room, with an area of 28 m2 equipped with a Queen Size bed ideal for a couple. Maximum of people: 2.

The footboard and cushions that adorn this room are the oldest style, consisting of a brocade pattern with small rhombuses with colored dots in the center forming diagonal rows, all manufactured by special weavers in waist loom.

The photograph with the Saint Patron San Andrés is much loved and venerated, because he was the one who found the valley so that his people could live and prosper. The patron saint is always adorned with the finest dresses. The painting, masterpiece of Gordillo, are the traditional musicians of San Andrés.

San Andrés Larraínzar | Tzotzil Community | Festivity: from November 28 to 30 | Fiesta of the 5th Friday of Lent.


QUEEN ROOM. This is our standard room, it has an area of 28 m2 and is equipped with a Queen Size bed ideal for a couple. Maximum of people: 2.

Guatemala is a country bordering our state and an important part of our history, culture and tradition. The inexhaustible search for an identity of its own found its course in Chiapas through a series of historical milestones that took place from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

The first was the independence of the General Captaincy of Guatemala, reached by Chiapas before fully becoming independent of Spain. Then came the free union of the province of Chiapas to Mexico declared legally in Ciudad Real on September 12, 1824.

Casa Santa Lucía lives up to our identity with this bedroom decorated with Guatemalan looms and waxes.


JUNIOR SUITE.  This room is superior category, has an area of 32 m2, is equipped with a King Size bed and has a tapanco where you can sleep up to two additional people. It is ideal for families or groups of friends. Maximum of people: 4.

For the modern Maya, textiles are the most dynamic expression of visual art. The community of Magdalenas produces some of the most beautiful specimens. The huipil that adorns this bedroom is ceremonial, and like the footboard and cushions are brocades woven in loom waist. Legend has it that the artisans are inspired by Santa María Magdalena who is in the niche at the entrance of her room.

Magdalenas (Aldama) | Tzotzil Community | Festivities: from July 22 to 24.


JUNIOR SUITE. Esta habitación es de categoría superior, tiene un área de 32 m2, está equipada con una cama King Size y cuenta con un tapanco donde pueden dormir hasta dos personas adicionales. Es ideal para familias o grupos de amigos. Máximo de personas: 4.​

Una noche en la aislada aldea de Tenejapa, un grupo de mujeres tuvo un mismo sueño: se les apareció Santa Lucía y les dijo que quería ponerse un huipil brocado. Las 10 mujeres que tuvieron este sueño viajaron a San Andrés donde las tejedoras todavía sabían cómo hacerlo.

Le hicieron el huipil y vistieron a Santa Lucía, es así como ahora visten sus

huipiles ceremoniales de lana y algodón con vistosos brocados. El pie de cama y almohadas son todavía fabricados en telar de cintura. El huipil del nicho es el de uso diario y está fabricado en manta con bordado de estambre acrílico.

Tenejapa | Comunidad tzeltal | Fiesta de San Francisco Ildefonso del 21 al 23 de enero | Fiesta de Carnaval.


MASTER SUITE. This is the largest room available in the hotel, it has an area of ​​48 m2, it is equipped with a King Size bed and a Queen Size sofa in the living room. It is ideal for families or groups of friends. Maximum of people: 5

This suite with bedroom, living room and bathroom with whirlpool tub is decorated with typical Zinacantán fabrics. The headboard of the bedroom and the dressing table were made with original doors and windows of the old house, a collection of selected handicrafts and antiques complement the decoration, as well as a man's huipil and a Tzotzil cross.

Zinacantán is immersed in a fashion frenzy, it has transformed a simple outfit into an exuberant and versatile bouquet of flowers, which can be an artistic consequence of the successful local industry: the cultivation of flowers. Both men and women wear these colorful garments, which adorn this room at the foot of the bed, pillows and rugs, as well as the tunic and hat (both belong to a man's attire).

Zinacantán | Tzotzil community | Feast of San Sebastián from January 18 to 20 | Feast of All Saints 1st and 2nd November.

Avenida Josefa OrtÍz de DomÍnguez esquina Pedro Moreno No. 13

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas  |  Phone: 01 967 631 5545

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